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Care for Your Drobo Products


DroboCare is simple, powerful protection for your Drobo storage. The DroboCare support program extends your peace of mind beyond the standard warranty term and phone support included with your Drobo purchase. In fact, DroboCare gives you more, even during your standard warranty period.

Fastest Way to Get Up and Running AgainThe Fastest Way to Get Up and Running Again

With DroboCare, if something goes wrong with the hardware, we’ll send you an advance replacement Drobo right away. With the standard warranty, we will ship a replacement after we receive your unit. To make sure your experience with your new Drobo starts off right, we provide complimentary DroboCare support for the first 90 days with every Drobo.

Your Business Safety Net
Your Business Safety Net

With DroboCare, you receive 24×7 phone and email support for your technical issues. With the Drobo Standard Warranty, technical support over the phone and via email is provided during local business hours. You can always access our online Knowledgebase at any time to get help to solve any questions or issues that you might run into that don’t require a phone call to support.

Trust Your Drobo to DroboCare

The DroboCare Support program is available if your products are still under Standard Warranty or currently protected by DroboCare.1 It can be renewed, one year at a time, as long as the Drobo product you are protecting is still being sold2. When it is determined by Drobo Support that an advanced replacement is required, we’ll send your replacement the same day. Next business day delivery is available in US and select European countries.2

Drobo Standard Warranty and DroboCare Warranty

The DroboCare™ Support program give you 1 Year of technical support as well as other benefits.

  Standard Warranty Standard DroboCare
Term One or two years depending on product One years increments
Renewal Cannot be renewed Can be renewed for one year period as long as the product is still being sold1
Hardware Replacement Hardware repair or exchange — when we receive your Drobo unit, we'll either repair it or send you a replacement. Advanced replacement — when you call, we'll send your replacement the same day. Next business day delivery available in US and select European countries.4
Technical Support 90 days from date of purchase. 12 months of 24x7 technical support from date of activation.2

1 Sold by an authorized Drobo Inc. Reseller and unit is still under standard warranty or currently protected by DroboCare. Terms of renewal may vary by region, please contact your local reseller or Drobo sales office.
2 DroboCare must be activated within 30 days of DroboCare purchase.
3 Availability of technical support is subject to local business hours.
4 Order must be received by 1 pm local time for same-day shipment. See DroboCare terms for next business day delivery restrictions.